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December 4, 2001


Silicon Valley, CA – The events of September 2001 riveted the nation and changed the course of the world, and as those events unfolded streaming video became a more integral part of how people stayed informed than ever before.

Streaming video on two streaming news sites ( and logged over 134 million video views, some 11 times higher than monthly averages in 2001, according to AccuStream Research.

In total, the news sites (including,,, Internet Broadcasting System, Worldnow and others) generated some 160 million streams accessed.

This number does not include streams accessed on AOL’s broadband platform AOL+ that features content from CNN, CBS and AOL. That figure brings the total for the entire month on major news sites alone to 200 million views.

A complete ranking of all streaming sites is contained in most recent issue of AccuStream’s iBROADCAST Stream Report.

The scale of September usage is a dramatic contrast to other major news events, including the Election Controversy of 2000, the bombing of the USS Cole, the Columbine shootings and the JFK Jr. tragedy.

The Election controversy of 2000 generated 30 million streams, and other news events from 1998 through 2000 generated hundreds of thousands to the low millions of streams served range.

As the medium matures it’s finding a unique voice and vision. The scope of content available is deeper and more personalized, there are sophisticated and customized media players that enable faster access to queues of video segments and there are both higher bit rate content clips available and broadband users too.

“Each news event educates new audiences, and many keep coming back along with regular users. Stream growth is being driven by an audience multiplier,” explained Paul A. Palumbo, Research Director.

“Upward spikes are typically followed by a pullback in subsequent months, but usage remains significantly above what it was prior to the news event.”

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