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January 15 , 2002


Silicon Valley, CA – Streaming media surged forward in 2001 with video streams rising 149% to 2.5+ billion served, 51% at broadband bit rates.

Internet audio tuning hours also grew by 100+% to 100 million hours per month, based on an in-depth year-end market report published by AccuStream Research.

It was a strong growth year for broadband video streaming, with an average user accessing seven streams per month compared to slightly over one stream per narrowband counterpart. Combined, average narrowband and broadband streams accessed per average Internet user was up considerably, to 1.45 per month.

Total broadband streaming media usage was driven up by the availability of more broadband content, greater broadband penetration and major events within the news category following September 11th.

Total narrowband and broadband Internet streams are now forecast to grow to almost 9 billion streams by year-end 2004, primarily to PC audiences.

The detailed market and audience data research is contained in AccuStream's annual Interactive Broadcast Media Report: Streaming Audio and Video Market Growth--1998-2004.

Top streaming categories include news and information, music, sports, film-related content and Internet Television. International usage made up about 20% of all streams accessed.

Report segments include a detailed analysis of streams delivered by bandwidth provider, forecasts for streams delivered and revenue generated by subscription and advertising, cross-platform stream-based usage (TV/PC), Internet Audio, streaming categories in entertainment and finance, as well as market share data by site, network, event and channel.

"It's been a year of market consolidation and audience expansion," noted Paul A. Palumbo, Director of Research at AccuStream.

"The major over-the-air and Internet brands now control the lion's share of streaming media audiences. AOL's broadband platform AOL+ and Real Networks' various subscription and free sites are significant distribution points in streaming media."

"As independent brands with significant streaming audiences have been absorbed by larger players, and the market consolidated 2001 there has been stream and audience growth around a far fewer number of sites."

AccuStream Research publishes the monthly reports iBroadcast Stream Report, iBroadcast Avails Report, iBroadcast Wireless and Mobile Content Report, plus other annual and semi-annual streaming media reports with extensive data and analysis.

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