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October 15, 2002


Silicon Valley, CA The economics of game and content publishing supporting new wireless devices appears to have significant reach and revenue advantages compared to traditional publishing, according the latest iBROADCAST Wireless and Mobile Content Report, published by AccuStream Research.

“Compared to CD ROM games, the ROI potential for wireless games even at this nascent stage of the market’s development is by far superior,” commented Paul A. Palumbo, Research Director for AccuStream.

The latest report, available through the research and consulting firm’s website, contains a detailed financial analysis of traditional CD ROM publishing and wireless publishing economics, as well as interviews with major content owners, market analyses, download and other usage data.

“The carriers are really the retail points of presence for publishers, and they have tremendous reach. With development and or porting costs relatively low, and the potential scale of distribution large, the ROI opportunity is appealing for large and small publishers, studios, developers and carriers who can write for the screen,” he added.

“With a business model that has been battle tested in Asia, and one that makes sense in North America, it’s not surprising game company and major media brands from Electronic Arts, JAMDAT and Disney are making a commitment to wireless.”

“We watched the development of streaming and on-demand media grow rapidly over the past five years. And, we expect to see much more investment capital and creative talent flow into the segment to exploit the reach and fun factor built into these new communicators as well.”

In addition to games, ring tones and screen savers, the introduction of color screens has positioned carriers to form closer content relationships with broadcast and major media entities that have been traditional outlets for their promotional initiatives, but, now have a stake in the brand’s visual development on mobile screens.

AccuStream Research publishes the monthly reports iBroadcast Stream Report, iBroadcast Avails Report, iBroadcast Wireless and Mobile Content Report, plus other annual and semi-annual streaming media reports with extensive data and analysis.

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