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April 29, 2003


Silicon Valley, CA Streaming media will continue to register double-digit growth gains on the both the audio and video sides through 2005 according to market forecasts published by AccuStream Research.

Video streams are on course to top almost 6 billion accessed in 2003, while aggregate tuning hours for Internet radio should reach about 140 million aggregate tuning hours per month across all aggregator and network sites by year-end.

On the video side, music, news and film are forecast to grow at the highest percentage rates year-over-year through 2005.

Sports programming--currently forecast to drop to single digit growth in 2005--remains a wild card because many leagues and brands are moving behind subscription services targeting broadband PC audiences.

While pay streams are now catching up to free or ad supported streams across all content categories, a recovering ad market could tip that two-year trend back toward more sponsored, ad-supported or distributor subsidized content.

“This is the most comprehensive streaming media report ever published by AccuStream Research,” stated research director Paul A. Palumbo.

“This report has it all. It contains thousands of data points by channel, network, program, event and channel going back to 1998, and we build forecasts based on detailed historical usage patterns, broadband streaming media consumption rates, the adoption of subscription services and audience behaviors inside pay environments.”

Major media brands will move more quickly to exploit their video franchises online (studios, cable TV networks, broadcasters along with their broadband PC and streaming beyond the PC distribution partners).

And, while major brands will continue to dominate key categories of streaming media ratings, along with major online-only brands such as Yahoo, Real Networks and AOL Broadband, there is a developing opportunity for new and independent producers with good programming ideas.

The size of the streaming media audience has grown so rapidly over the past three years that “hit” programs can and do jump into the top ranks of streaming sites on a monthly basis. More hits will encourage more innovative investment.

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