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August 17, 2004


Monterey, CA Broadband users accessed an average of 15.4 video streams per month during the first half of 2004, up 42.6% over 2003 for sites with 90% broadband usage, according to Broadband Viewer Metrics and Market Analysis 2000 –2004 YTD, the latest published report by AccuStream Research.

Out of 5 billion total video streams analyzed this year, 79.1% were served at broadband rates (100 Kbps and above), with an average bit rate of 225 Kbps and length-of-view of over two minutes per stream.

Including all video streams served, per unique user consumption of streaming video rose 23% to 3.17 streams on a per month, per site basis.

“Broadband users on free and ad-supported sites watch over 30 minutes of streaming video per month from home and work,” commented AccuStream research director Paul A. Palumbo.

“Along with longer viewing, more total views and increasing reach, content published for broadband users is increasing.  And, while promotion or cross-promotion is a key component to broadband video on many Internet, broadcast and cable network sites, broadband advertising is also appearing there more frequently.”

“Moreover, streaming video content formerly behind subscription services are now moving content out of those environments and supporting streams with broadband advertising; there is broadband advertising in subscription streams too,” he added. 

Viewer data for AOL and AOL for Broadband tracked closely with that on the Internet, with broadband users accessing an average of 14.5 streams per month; total streams served per sub, per month across AOL’s entire service was 3.71.

Subscription video offerings such as Real Networks’ SuperPass service, professional sports league content (including NASCAR) averaged anywhere from 30 to 80+ video streams served per month, per subscriber. 

The report tracks viewer consumption of streaming video from 1998 through the first half of 2004. Broadband video streams began being published on sites and networks in 2000, and initially surpassed narrowband streams by a slim margin in ’01.

For the full year ’04, AccuStream is forecasting that over 80% of all video streams served will be at broadband rates.

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