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November 9, 2004


Monterey, CA Music videos make up the largest content viewing category in streaming entertainment, with combined narrowband and broadband audience share at 33.6% of the 5.6 billion streams served in the first half of the year, according to a new report published by AccuStream Research. 

Audience share data in the Streaming Video Viewing Share 1999 – 2004 YTD: A Content Category Breakout report is listed by site, network and portal.

Share data is also presented bye month content category for the years covered, and contains in-depth analysis on viewing share patterns dating back to 1999.

News and information content published by cable and broadcast sites like,,,, and others gathered an 18.2% share, followed by sports at 15.6%. Viewing share data includes distribution of branded content through destinations such as Yahoo, Real and America Online.

Other content categories represented by the share data include movies (shorts, long-form and trailers), general entertainment and Internet TV. 

Viewing share encompasses live and on-demand content, and is based on an analysis of cumulative views by users on a monthly and annual basis.

Listening share for Internet radio is migrating to an average quarterly hour reach (AQH) metric, however sites still report in aggregate tuning hours (ATH). AccuStream reports both metrics.

“Viewing share online has historically shown a mix of offline and online-only brands, and content category diversity,” commented research director Paul A. Palumbo.

“While music, news and sports are the most popular categories today, publishers are offering more types of content online. That coupled with more broadband users and distribution partnerships is going to alter viewing share patterns.”

“What share data reveals is not only where the market has been and is at present, but also where there are opportunities to capture share in various entertainment and media categories in the future,” he added.
The top ten steaming video sites from 1999 through 2004 are also included in the analysis, as well as the top ten streaming Internet music sites from 2001 through 2004.

For the full year ’04, AccuStream is forecasting that over 80% of all video streams served will be at broadband rates.

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