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January 26, 2005


Monterey, CA Streaming media registered yet another strong growth year in 2004, with video streams served up by 80% to 14.2 billion and aggregate tuning hours for Internet music radio 76% higher compared to ’03.

Some 79.3% of video streams served were viewed at broadband rates, according to a new report published by AccuStream Research. The report, Streaming Media 2004 – 2007: Market Development and User Data Analysis, provides detailed full-year streaming media usage statistics and market data by audience demo, daypart, content category, bit rate, site, network, aggregator, and includes media consumption patterns of high-speed users, forecasts and historical comparisons.

For example, broadband streams viewed by each unique user per month rose to 13.9 in ’04 compared to 10.2 in ’03, a 36% increase.

The increase in residential broadband users, combined with an already media savvy group of high-speed users at work, plus better premium content and more sophisticated branded media players combined to power ‘04 growth.

"The appetite for streaming video by broadband users at work and home continues to drive growth in streaming media," according to AccuStream’s director of research Paul A. Palumbo.

"Whether content is accessed through ad-supported sites like or Yahoo’s property, subscription destinations such as Real Networks’ SuperPass service or AOL Broadband, people are watching and listening more often, and for longer periods of time."

"Moreover, syndication agreements between large content brands such as Fox, MLB and Internet distribution partners like MSN is evidence of how successful the industry is becoming at flowing audiences to high-value streaming media content."

"Major portals like Yahoo clearly understand that audience flow is key to streaming media growth and increased revenue." 

The streaming video experience has become more modular in format, with video clips now running back-to-back, the Internet’s version of television, with sites such as, MSN Video and ESPN leading the way.

Internet music radio, represented primarily by Internet-only brands such as AOL, Yahoo/MusicMatch, Live365 and Real Networks, generated monthly tuning hours in excess of 188 million.

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