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April 5 , 2005


Monterey, CA The top five streaming video brands, represented by multiple sites across a variety of content categories accounted for 68% of total share in 2004, based on data contained in the report Stream Video Share 2004: A Site and Brand Analysis.

This is the first report AccuStream Research has published that aggregates streaming video usage on all content sites owned or operated by a particular media brand to develop a clear picture of total streaming share by brand.

Analysis in the report includes total streams served by site, network, channel or aggregator, share of each site or network within specific content categories such as music, sports, news, film, general entertainment and Internet TV, and streaming video sites ranked according to brand affiliation.

Time Warner"s AOL platform is the largest individual streaming video distribution outlet, with a 24.9% share of total streams served in 2004, followed by Yahoo with 20.1% and Real Networks with 11.6%. Time Warner properties owned a 26.7% share of total streams served in "04.

Microsoft/MSN/NBC captured a combined 6.1% share of total streams served by combined sites and networks in 2004, a percentage that moved up significantly from 2003, and is forecast to gain more traction in 2005.

While major media brands dominate overall viewing share across all branded properties, the top ten sites have a meaningful number of independent brands such as, IFILM and Feedroom that capture share and deliver meaningful reach in terms of unique audience.

"Looking at the streaming video market from the perspective of brand, combined share is an excellent tool for advertisers and agencies to gauge where available streaming video inventory is, how it relates to a brand"s overall marketing initiatives in other media, and brings online video closer to tapping broadcast media budgets," according to Paul A. Palumbo, research director at AccuStream.

"The strength of major media brands inside the streaming video segment clearly suggests that organizations are taking broadband viewing share seriously, as are their advertising partners."

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