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May 17 , 2005


Monterey, CA Streaming video advertising, sponsorships and other types of rich media inventory are being placed across sites and networks with an aggregate of more than 1 billion streams served per month. 

The new report, Streaming Video Avails 2000 – 2005: Inventory History and Growth By Site, includes a detailed history of streaming video advertising initiatives and formats across the sites with streaming advertising in 2005, coupled with a multi-year streaming video usage and trend analysis for each site.  

This report published by AccuStream Research also analyzes the type of inventory available, historical and current CPMs and general placement formula (pre-roll, post roll, out-of-media-player and inserted).

Sites from America Online to Yahoo, MSN Video,, ESPN, FoxNews, FoxSports, IFILM, Feedroom and many more are analyzed in the report.

"Video avails have continued to grow as the broadband Internet has matured," stated Paul A. Palumbo, research director with AccuStream.

"A significant number of sites owned by major media brands that experimented with streaming video advertising in 2000 and 2001, and then moved behind subscription services re-emerged as ad-supported content sites in 2004 and 2005," he added.

"In addition, many top streaming media sites are owned by major media brands (Time Warner, Yahoo, Disney, Microsoft/NBC) which puts them squarely in line to benefit from the broadband component to on-air television buys."

"We further believe the entrance of Macromedia and its Flash video solution, combined with provisioning support at the CDN level in support of streaming ad initiatives, plus a desire by advertisers to take advantage of rapidly expanding universe of video avail inventory signals a period of rapid revenue growth." 

Pre roll advertising is also appearing in subscription-based content, such as ABCNews On-Demand and CNN Newspass. There is also growing inventory not tied to particular media players (over 3+ billion impressions delivered in the 1st Q '05).

The report also examines gateway video inventory available on Internet music radio sites, with historical through present day analysis.

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