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April 11, 2006


Monterey, CA. Streaming video has transitioned over the past eight years from a quirky, jerky, content scarce and one-off event viewing environment to a robust, brand-centric broadband medium reaching mainstream audiences.

That’s the overall conclusion drawn from AccuStream’s latest video streaming anthology, chronology and forecasting report, an extensive and complete eight year-over-year comparative analysis by site, network, content category, media brand and bit rate.

Video streams have grown from 284.6 million served in 1998 to 18 billion served in 2005. The report traces the evolution of video online from its very beginnings, with events such as the Internet baby birth in 1998, open heart surgeries, Space Shuttle launches and a scattering of music and news programming.

The report, Streaming Video 1998 – 2010: March To Mainstream, lists and compares a series of detailed yearly database-driven analyses--including full year 2005--to develop a clear picture of how the medium grew into an integral component of major Internet, broadcast, cable network, studio and entertainment brand extension.

“As stream counts went up and audience appetite for content increased, pre-conceptions about what users would and would not do, and what the medium could and could not deliver were challenged, re-evaluated and re-cast, giving way to more innovative and dedicated publishing initiatives from major and independent brands,” commented Paul A. Palumbo, research director for AccuStream Research.

“In the span of eight years, streaming video has arrived as a media channel. It is a necessary ingredient for establishing brand loyalty among broadband users.”

Availability of high-speed content, increased frequency of content updating and publishing also played a key role in the medium transition from event-based programming to a destination-oriented and brand-centric model.
“This is the most comprehensive streaming video report ever published by AccuStream,” stated Palumbo.

“It contains thousands of historical data points, with all forecasts built around detailed trending usage patterns going back eight years, including broadband streaming media consumption rates, media category share (music, news, sports, etc.) and more.”

AccuStream Research publishes the monthly reports iBroadcast Stream Report, iBroadcast Avails Report, iBroadcast Mobile Content Report, and numerous other annual streaming media reports with extensive market data and expert analysis.

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