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July 12, 2006


Monterey, CA Pre roll video inventory (video streams preceded by ad units) has grown an average of 105.2% annually over the past five years, compared to free or ad supported content streams, which averaged 72.3%.

Driven by scarcity and a guaranteed view, publishers have also increased the frequency of pre roll insertions.

Based on AccuStream Research data contained in a new report Pre Roll Video Avails 2001 - 2006: Site and Brand Share, the insertion ratio is now almost 1 to 1 (one pre roll for every content stream accessed), indicating an available pre roll marketplace of over 1.13 billion per month..

This pre roll analysis encompasses sites and networks with branded content published by or acquired from major media entities; it does not include community generated video content.

CGV publishing models, the companies hosting the content and total usage with a market analysis is contained in a forthcoming AccuStream report Community Generated Video 2006: Mania, Mirth and Myth.

Usage patterns in 2006 (January through April), reveal an average of 1.2 billion free or ad supported streams served by major media brands per month, and 94% of those streams have pre roll inventory.

The report aggregates branded sites together to create total pre roll share. Yahoo controlled 23.97% of pre roll video streams from January through April 2006; TimeWarner followed with 13.7%. Microsoft had 11.40%, Viacom with 8.54%.

Non affiliated, independent or other branded sites combined to control 27.16% of total ad supported or free streams.
"The high double-digit growth rates seen in pre roll ad units reflects just how much broadband publishing has caught the attention of rights holders," commented AccuStream research director Paul A. Palumbo.

"Five years after broadband streams surpassed narrowband, 2006 is quite noteworthy for the number of broadband extensions rolling out."

Sites such as and USA Networks, or new video-centric offerings like NBCWeatherPlus,, CBS' Innertube offering, and from NBC Universal and partner Yahoo, indicate an increasing supply of content, and therefore advertising opportunities surrounding the pre roll unit.

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