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March 6, 2008


Salinas, CA, Professionally published video (launched on brand operated or affiliated websites) and User Generated Video (user, semi pro and professional content delivered via hosting networks) combined are forecast to culminate a four-year growth period (2005 - 2008) with a total 192.6 billion views.

Professional and UGV views are forecast to grow by a blended 43.4% in 2008, following a 57.6% increase in 2007.

UGV is forecast to mark a 72.7 billion 4-year tally, while its professional content counterpart is running along a 119.9 billion cumulative views course, according to a report published by AccuStream Research.

The report, Professional and UGV Market Size 2005 - 2008: Views, Category and Brand Share Analysis, also examines MySpace TV and YouTube's formal partner (semi-pro and professional) and themed channels and their respective library share percentages.

Partner Channels on YouTube, for example, accounted for a 10.6% share of total video views in 2006 - 2007, forecast at 15.4% in 2008.

Comedians/Directors captured 8.9% total viewing share on YouTube in 2006 - 2007 and forecast at 11.1% in 2008. Universal Music Group claimed the top channel partner position, with a 29.1% share, according to AccuStream.

Combined, Partner Channels, Comedians and Directors made up 19.5% of total views on YouTube in 2006 - 2007, and forecast at 26.5% in 2008.

The report contains rigorous analyses between comparable professional and UGV categories revealing areas of relative market parity, strength and weakness.

Entertainment captured a combined 17.1 billion views, for a 33.1 share, with professional sites owning a 52.4% launch share, and UGV hosting networks the remaining 47.6%.

Music video (including artist info, mash-ups, spoofs, tour videos etc. on UGV networks) captured 12.5 billion combined views, 55.6% owned by professionally managed sites and brands compared to 44.4% for UGV.

News is almost completely dominated by professionally managed sites, with a 93.8% share.

The Sports category remains largely the domain of professional, formal partner or syndication-powered websites, with an 80.7% share compared to 19.3% share for UGV networks. Sports on UGV networks typically include extreme events content and spectacular wipe-outs.

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