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May 5, 2009


Tucson, Ariz. Pre-roll video advertising billed against professional online inventory (short and long-form content) is forecast at $560 million in 2009, and increase of 31.6%, according to a report by AccuStream Research.

The report, Pre-Roll Video Inventory and Media Spend: 2003 – 2010, presents a rigorous, analytics-based appraisal of historical, current and forecast market value attached to the pre-roll avail, comprised of total views, insertion ratios, inventory, sellout rates and CPMs that anchor gross media spend estimates.

Spending is detailed by site, brand, aggregated brand, and across content categories including television, entertainment, kids, news, sports, music and movies. A breakout between direct and 3rd party/remnant placement is examined in depth.

Pre-roll avails are on track to rise 27.5% in 2009 to 23.9 billion, paced by longer-form TV publishing, offsite exploitation (i.e. Hulu, Crackle,Veoh and increasingly competitive representation boosting sellout rates among second and third tier brands.

Video indexing applications from Auditude, Adobe, DigitalSmiths and others are identifying and aggregating premium content hosted inside offsite environments, bringing that inventory forward as an exploitable package.

News content published by CNN sites,,,,, Yahoo and others booked an estimated 32.1% of total pre-roll spend in 2008.

Television (including serialized long-form) was the second most sold pre- roll inventory category, with a solid double-digit share. Sites with long-form content including ABC, CBS, Hulu, NBC, and others captured 72.1% of TV ad billings.

After eliminating equivalent value of intra-company video placements on Disney and Viacom sites, entertainment/kids was the third most popular pre-roll video buy, generating $116.4 million in total media spend.

Aggregated ABC/Disney brands captured an 11.2% share of pre-roll advertising in 2008; CBS earned an estimated 8.3% of interactive revenue from pre-roll billings.

Turner New Media (including Turner Sports, Cartoon Network, TBS and others) pooled with CNN Digital accounted for an estimated 10.3% share. netted an 8.9% share, while aggregated Viacom brands a 6.8% share.

β€œThe broadband pre-roll avail is firmly established as an online monetization agent. The format has evolved into a branding, information-response hybrid and sought after execution by marketers,” commented research director Paul A. Palumbo.

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