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May 12, 2009


Tucson, Ariz. Video CMS, custom media player, indexing and metadata platform providers have acquired 1,820 total accounts to date, and forecast to generate $180 million in annual revenue in 2009, an increase of 62.9%.

Video CMS providers (including Brightcove, thePlatform, Move Networks, The Feedroom, Reality Digital and Vusion, among others) are estimated to enable 26.4% of total professional content views on a monthly basis, according to a platform services report by AccuStream Research.

The report, Video CMS Platforms, Media Players and Indexing Agents: 2007 – 2010 examines business models, content volume, revenue (historical and forecast), MRR, account verticals, account acquisition trends and pricing by segment and firm.

Well funded indexing specialists (including Affine Systems, Auditude, Delve Networks, DigitalSmiths, Everyzing and vMix) specialize in finding, tracking, tagging, metadata warehousing and exploiting professional or semi-professional video.

This nascent but promising segment is on a run-rate course to generate approximately $44 million in 2009 revenue, up 134% over 2008.

Median MRR for all CMS platforms exceeds $5,000 per month per account(running as high as $20,000 for volume accounts), though trending downward.

Larger platform providers have early to market advantages including account and distribution scale, but expanding customer opportunities may favor newer entrants.

With less capital intensive operational structures, newer providers are aggressively competing on price and performance across expanded customer verticals, including health, education, government, military, retail, small business and travel.

Indexing providers have fewer accounts though typically include larger media organizations with valuable content libraries.

Rights holders are exploring the full scope of content monetization potential addressed by standardized platform publishing, syndication and offsite exploitation through hosted networks like YouTube and VEOH.

Indexing applications are also combining with or being packaged alongside relevant video advertising, and forecast to increase premium pre-roll inventory and ad sales handled by 3rd party advertising networks.

“Video CMS and media player platform standardization, enhanced further by a rapidly growing library of indexed professional content are keystones supporting a broadband publishing business that is brand additive and fully capitalizes on distributed audience access,” commented research director Paul A. Palumbo.

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