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April 27, 2010


Seaside, CA. Online video platforms (OVPs), CMS product suites and related integration services are forecast to generate $480 million in 2010 revenue, an increase of 71.1% over 2009, according to a comprehensive industry analytics report published by AccuStream Research.

The report, OVP and Video CMS 2010 – 2012: Account Gold Rush, analyzes multiple categories of video platform provider including full featured OVPs, video indexing and ad serving, plus integration, encoding and associated services.

A quantitative analysis of customer acquisition activity revealed strong growth throughout 2009 (weighted toward the second half) and into 2010, with 6,278 total accounts now under contract, corresponding to an MRR average of $6,371.  

Full service OVPs highlighted in the report are some the most visible names in the segment, including Brightcove, thePlatform, Ooyala, Delve Networks, Episodic, Fliqz, Kaltura, and Sorensen 360, among others.

Indexing, targeting and ad serving platforms include Affine Systems, Auditude, DigitalSmiths, Freewheel, RAMP and Mixpo, to name a few.

Integration, encoding and content library digitization providers include IOKO, MediaRecall by Deluxe, Origin Digital, and others.

Detailed Q & As with the industry’s executive talent lends a contextual framework underpinning revenue and growth forecasts contained in the report.

Strong account acquisition is attributable to sales made into IT and marketing departments addressing three-screen video monetization strategies inside larger media organizations. In addition, 2009 witnessed continued market take-up from non media accounts, further fueled by solid international expansion.

Business models are analyzed for each provider, revealing a diverse mix of monthly recurring fees, hybrid CPM share and licensing, time and materials and pure revenue share. Revenue share models present tremendous revenue upside if premium video inventory is made more visible and exploitable.

“Video solutions providers are innovative, well funded, growing revenue and are led by an experienced and talented group of digital media executives,” commented AccuStream research director Paul A. Palumbo. “Market growth benefits from healthy supply and demand dynamics, though an era of consolidation has commenced. As the economy recovers so too will exit multiples and we expect to see more M & A money enter the market.”

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