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February 17, 2011


Seaside, Calif. Professional video produced, published and hosted by online-only and cross-platform media brands rose by 47.1% in 2010 to 72.3 billion views, the highest annual growth rate seen since 2007, according to a sector report published by AccuStream Research.

Video-based CDN contracts, OVPs and video advertising networks together have carved out a $1.3 billion swatch of the market total, according a report published by AccuStream Research. The video value chain share grew by 40.4% in 2010.

The report, Pro Online Video 1999 - 2014: Consumption and Category Share Analytics, presents a rigorous analytical narrative of online video, complete with detailed graphics revealing historical video viewing patterns through 2010, the elemental building blocks supporting market growth forecasts through 2014.

Based on extensive usage data spanning thirteen years (1998 – 2010), AccuStream Research has structured, compiled, refined, sorted and analyzed video views by month, site, brand, content category, event, affiliate partners, channel and aggregation service.

In addition, strong demand for entertainment and kids’ video (including, Nickelodeon and PBSKids sites) continued to pace that category’s performance.

Moreover, music video views on ground-breaking, professionally managed sites (i.e. Vevo) improved share percentage significantly, reversing what was a four-year steep decline that inversely parallels the emergence of YouTube in 2006.

Online-only brands (including those owned and operated by major offline media companies) generated 63.1% of total views, and increase of 20% over 2009, while cable/premium TV branded sites controlled another 26.3%

Entertainment/Kids video made up 24.4% of the market, followed by television-related content at 23.6%. Video aggregators originated 17.2% of 2010 video views.

Video views per unique user per site per month jumped by 51% to 6.2 across all categories, with Internet-only brands delivering 9 views, significantly higher than the average.

Sites with an excess of 100 million views per month clocked in at 18.3 views per unique user, and accounted for 61.8% of total views.

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