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June 7, 2011


Seaside, Calif. Integrated video optimization providers are forecast to earn $898 million in 2011 revenue, an increase of 44% over 2010, according to a sector analytics report by AccuStream Research.

The report, Integrated Video Optimization Solutions 2007 - 2014, analyzes multiple categories of media optimization services, encompassing end-to-end providers Brightcove, Ooyala, KIT Digital, Kaltura, Limelight Video Platform, thePlatform, MobiTV, Move Networks and others.

The indexing, metadata, tracking and media measurement segment comprise specialists such as Auditude, Digitalsmiths, BayTSP and RAMP.

The media processing, encoding and transcoding section provides detailed analysis of Sorensen Media,, Origin Digital and Anvato.

Over the past year, online video platforms (OVPs) have significantly enhanced and transformed both their services and market positions. OVP is now one supporting module in a rapidly expanding alignment of integrated competencies.

Integrated solutions address multi-device distribution, mobile, video ad network integration, multiple file formats and source material renditions, plus monetization.

Their focus is both behind-the-firewall and consumer-facing accounts and layering in a suite of media processing, measurement and workflow management tools.

Account acquisition is currently accelerating, forecast to reach 15,973 (annual average) in 2011, up 69% over 2010, a year when accounts grew by 50.5%.

International accounts and corresponding top line revenue make up approximately 30% of the total. While international markets are in varying stages of development, U.S.- based vendors have captured significant share.

MRR averages $3,849 in 2011. While larger organizations (including enterprises) require additional capacity and are buying more, there is rapid growth seen in self-service accounts, though concentrated at lower MRR ranges.

Business models and growth trajectories are analyzed for each provider. MRR, licensing and usage-driven business models currently capture 75% of the full-service segment’s revenue. Media processing exhibits the highest growth, at 140% in 2011.

“This dynamic sector is leading the charge to provision a screen-deep, increasingly complex media workflow, distribution, monetization and marketing environment,” commented research director Paul A. Palumbo.

“Recent acquisitions peg the sector at 2x 2011 revenue; valuations that continue pulling in venture capital, while spurring additional M & A interest,” he said.

AccuStream Research produces sector analytics reports bridging digital video, audio, subscription, video advertising, video advertising networks, mobile advertising networks and integrated media solutions.

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