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July 12, 2011


Seaside, Calif. Video advertising networks, media serving platforms, auctions and exchanges are on track to achieve $1.4 billion in CPM share, transaction and fee-based revenue in 2011, a 67.5% annual rate of growth, according to a sector analytics report produced by AccuStream Research.

The report, Video Advertising Networks, Serving Platforms and Exchanges 2007 – 2014: Inventory, Gross Media Spend and Net Revenue Analysis, is a comprehensive segment-by-segment appraisal of inventory formats delivered, represented, sold, served and mediated by each platform provider, or cleared through real time bidding (RTB) environments.

Net revenue estimates are derived from total inventory and gross media spend, weaving together the complete market managed by each provider. Net revenue is gross media spend minus publisher payouts, applicable when the platform provider also represents and places inventory.

The sector participants analyzed ran $6.26 billion in aggregate media spend across their platforms in 2010, with $3.1 billion attributable to video campaigns or inventory.

Video inventory, sellout rates, corresponding CPMs, participation percentages and serving fee data is aligned with business model analytics surrounding in-page video serving, premium and remnant/3rd party pre-roll sales with ad serving, exchanges, plus multi-platform operations are detailed across expanding global operations.

Each video advertising network and platform is analyzed by total inventory (exclusive, non-exclusive, monthly and annually), business model, participation ranges, CPMs by format. In-depth Q & A’s augment the report’s analytics.

In-page video and rich media platform players include Eyewonder, Pointroll, MediaMind, FreeWheel, Limelight MMP and Google’s DoubleClick.

Platforms and networks representing premium pre-roll inventory, remnant video inventory, overlays and promotional campaigns contained in the report include Audience Science, Blinkx, TREMOR VIDEO, YuMe Inc., SpotXChange, TidalTV, TubeMogul and Collective, among others. Exchanges and mediation environments are exemplified by, Liverail and adbrite.

“Data, audience, behavioral and predictive media spend analytics are driving creative and campaign innovation, increasing media spend across screens and delivery platforms,” commented research director Paul A. Palumbo.

“This sector is entrepreneurially electric: venture capital continues to flow in, while strong exit multiples signal acquisitive opportunity.”

AccuStream Research produces sector reports bridging digital video, audio, subscription, video advertising, video and multi- screen advertising networks, mobile advertising networks and integrated media optimization solutions.

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