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January 21 2014

Seaside, CA Video ad networks, trafficking platforms and programmatic systems processed $7.2 billion in 2013 multi-screen media spend, an annual increase of 43.6%, as quantified in an inventory, monetization and operations revenue report produced by AccuStream Research.

The report, Video Ad Tech Systems: Inventory Clearing, Trafficking, Spend and Business Operations Analytics: 2014 - 2016, delivers a segment-by-segment portrait of the sector's economic fundamentals, growth trajectories, media CPMs, serving CPMs, formats supported, business models and marginal performance yielding net revenue.

Each segment (video ad networks, trafficking platforms and programmatic technologies) is analyzed against monthly and annual unduplicated inventory, sources of supply and demand, percentage of spend by format (in-stream, in-banner, display and overlay), including domestic and international undertakings.

Video ad networks cleared 17.2% of video spend, trafficking platforms delivered the equivalent of 55.9% of sector share, and programmatic systems handled 26.9%.

The digital video advertising industry's roaring momentum toward workflow efficiency and big data utilization--enriching inventory transparency and audience demographics--has resulted in a marketplace rapidly closing the monetization gap across the video ad tech ecosystem, synchronizing inventory and media spend growth.

As buyers increasingly adopt a range of programmatic tools to better manage cross-platform demand, publishers are responding with selling tools and issuing RFP's that address complex criterions for desirable automated trading outcomes.

The digital video advertising sector is poised to return $4.4 billion in total net revenue (excluding AOL/ and Google's properties) by year-end 2016.

The Q & A Forums are important complements to this data-rich study, with insights tendered by the sector's foremost innovators: Adobe Primetime, BlackArrow, Blinkx, BrightRoll, Collective, FreeWheel, LiveRail, Martini, DG/MediaMind, Mixpo, SET Media, Rocket Fuel, SpotXChange, Videology, Vindico, Visible Measures, YuMe, Inc. and others.

"This concentrated inventory, spend, business operations and sector analytics report is an investment vehicle for agencies, brands, publishers, operators, consulting practices, tech media services firms, VCs and investment banks," commented research director Paul A. Palumbo.

AccuStream Research produces due diligence class reports bridging digital video views, audio listening and monetization, subscription and download media storefronts, video processing, workflow and ecosystem technologies, in-stream and digital video advertising, video advertising networks, mobile advertising networks, CDN, integrated video platforms, alongside custom client research.

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