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Online Music Spins and Media Spend: 2003 - 2012

Online music radio and track play listening hours increased 37.6% to 6.67 billion in 2008, while in-stream audio sold against ad-supported cumulative hours improved by 46.1% to $84 million (including video placements) over the 12-month frame.

This report provides detailed data and analysis of premium (subscription) and ad-supported listening sites for the entire year. An analysis of ad-supported music listening reveals Clear Channel the market leader, with a 16.5% share, followed by AOL Radio with 13.2% share. The two major music radio subscription services have a combined 6.7% share. The report also provides an analysis of recently adopted royalty guidelines.

Taking average estimated hourly listeners of 341,509 (based on 2.9 billion ad-supported hours), and applying licensing rates equally across sites generating $84 million in 2008 media sales, that approximately $40 million would be owed to rights organizations, or 48.3% of the gross.

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